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Wisconsin Badgers vs Purdue
October 18, 1997
RedWear Wisconsin Badgers Staff RoadTrips

Well we got CRUSHED by Purdue... You can't win them all! So even though it was a sad ride home from Purdue, we need to look ahead to Minnesota. So see ya in Minnesota for a BIG RED WIN! If you saw the Redwear staffers, you might have noticed the new #33 Hat that was being worn or the Heavy Weight Large W Swoosh Sweatshirts the staffers were wearing. People kept asking where do I get one of those Sweatshirts? You can see them wearing the sweatshirts in this picture! We again handed out 1000's of RedWear MAGNETS!!!

A Tough Loss in Indiana

Loads of Badger Fans in Indiana!

RoadTrip Pictures
Checking out the Purdue Bookstore
Showing Everyone our Magnets
Serious Badger Fans!
Just Making Some Friends
Purdue Breakfest Club
We Can Get Along!
Helping the Police...
Purdue Breakfest Club
? Wisconsin
Purdue Cheeleaders
Badger Football Semi
Empty Purdue Stadium
Big Time Badger Party!
Sharing Some Tailgate
Badger Road Tripers
Redwear Staffers At Purdue!
Serious Badger Fans
Fans Showing Off Magnets
Purdue Football Team
Full Purdue Stadium
Badgers Heading Out
World's Largets Drum?
Badger Crowd
Badger Crowd
Just Watching the Game
Look at all the Red!
Stadium Scoreboard
What a Prediction!

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